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Mobility Medical Scooters

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Live In Control And Be Independent With Medical Scooters

It is the natural desire of any human to move and roam around freely without having to be dependent on anybody. Individuals having mobility challenges face this more often than not. Despite their reluctance, they might have to be dependent on a second person for their movement. With a medical scooter, this problem can be solved. Once you find the right mobility scooter suited for your purpose, your life can improve drastically. This scooter would enable you to live a free life that you have desired for so long and would free you from being dependent on another person.

Foster Medical has all the means to customize a scooter specifically for you. Just as no individuals can be the same, we believe that no two scooters can serve the exact purpose. That is the reason why we provide you with a product that would fit your circumstances and needs perfectly. All our mobility equipment and aids are tested well before being sold to the customer so that there arises no problem later. We work with the policy of making sure that your investment is not a waste and serves fruitful to you. Our team at Foster Medical has a pressure-free and no-obligation ethos in order to satisfy you with whatever you purchase from us.

No matter where you go, you will have a sense of independence as you drive medical scooter. With our help, it will now be possible for you to operate alone even if you are going a certain distance. We have a wide range of mobility aids consisting of several modern designs and equipment. Our trained staff is constantly looking into the matter as to which model would suit your lifestyle the best. From compact travel scooters to road-legal vehicles to the simpler ones for indoor purposes, there is a lot to choose from. It is our guarantee that you would get the best units from Foster Medical.

Take A Look At The Following Types:

Full Size Mobility Medical Scooters

Best suited for people wanting to use scooters for outdoor purposes, full size scooters come with larger space for accommodating bigger people. Their seats are also wide and feature taller backs for maximum support. Except for the Buzzaround HD that comes with a tall back, the portable scooters normally have no seat options. Equipped with larger batteries, these scooters are perfect for covering longer distances. However, it might be a little problematic to use these scooters indoors. Their size makes it difficult for you to maneuver smoothly in the limited space.

4-Wheel Mobility Medical Scooters

This one is supported by a much larger turn radius. The added wheel serves the purpose of maintaining balance when gliding over uneven or rugged terrain. Ideal for using during outdoor strolls, one can smoothly use the 4-wheel medical scooter on even ground. Just like their 3-wheel counterparts, these scooters are just right for traveling over gravel and grass. But the striking difference between the 4-wheel one and its counterparts is that it comes with a more stable balance owing to its wider turning radius. The freewheel mode makes it easily enjoyable.

3-Wheel Mobility Medical Scooters

Mostly used indoors, the 3-wheel radius operates better in enclosed spaces. Due to its tighter turn radius, it glides smoothly around the corners and doorways and can easily steer clear of obstacles. There is not much difference between the 3-wheel and the 4-wheel scooter, and an individual can have both depending on their respective purposes. For venturing outdoors, a 4-wheel scooter is always more preferable in order to gain better balance and stability. But if you stay mostly inside the house, the 3-wheel scooter can become your perfect companion.

Medical scooters have brought a change in the lives of many people with walking disabilities. Owing to these scooters, one does not need to lose hope when walking becomes a problem. As you drive medical scooter, it gives you a renewed feel of becoming independent once again. At Foster Medical, we thoroughly check the customer’s requirements before suggesting the right scooter. Having a medical scooter with you invariably makes your daily chores easier to perform and you can take yourself out in public without another person’s help.