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For those who have difficulty walking, canes can provide an extra layer of support and balance to help them stay mobile. Whether you’re recovering from a surgery or living with chronic pain, using a cane correctly can make it easier for you to move around your home and outdoors. Let’s explore the different types of canes available and how they can help you get around safely.
There are several types of canes available, each with its own purpose. Traditional straight canes are the most common type and provide basic support to those who need assistance while walking. Quad canes have four prongs at the bottom instead of one, which gives users more stability than a traditional cane. Forearm crutches are often used by people who need more assistance while walking and provide better balance than a standard cane. Lastly, rollators are wheeled walkers that come with seats so that users can rest when needed or use them as a shopping cart.


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