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ENSURE SURGERY is specifically designed to support immune health and recovery from surgery.
• For oral use.
• Use under medical supervision.

• #1 Doctor-recommended brand.
• Contains 1.1 g EPA & DHA (omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil) and 4.2 g arginine per 8 fl oz to support immune health and surgical recovery.
• Suitable for use with ERAS* protocols.1,2
• Contains immune-modulating nutrients that meet the Critical Care Nutrition Support Guidelines (ASPEN/SCCM) for nutrition in the SICU for the postoperative patient who requires enteral nutrition therapy.3
• Contains an excellent source of vitamin D.
• Contains the antioxidants zinc, selenium, and vitamins C & E.
• No artificial sweeteners.
• Halal, gluten-free, suitable for lactose intolerance.

• Not for sole-source nutrition.
• Not for IV use.
• Not for people with galactosemia.
• Not for use when immune suppression is desired.