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PROMOTE WITH FIBER is a complete, balanced, high-protein, and fiberfortified formula for patients who need a higher proportion of Calories from protein. It is ideal for patients with low caloric and/or wound-healing needs and those at risk for protein-energy malnutrition or pressure ulcers.
• For tube or oral feeding. • For supplemental or sole-source nutrition. • Use under medical supervision. FEATURES • High in protein (25% of Cal, 14.8 g/8 fl oz) from sodium and calcium caseinates and soy protein isolate. Protein is needed for lean body mass maintenance and repair. • Fiber blend of 85% oat fiber and 15% soy fiber to provide a product with a good source of dietary fiber (14.4 g/L) but low in viscosity. Fiber helps moderate bowel function. • Fat blend has safflower, MCTs, and soy oils. Patients who absorb lipids improperly may benefit from consuming a formula that contains MCTs as part of the fat source. • 1 Cal/mL. • Halal (recloseable carton only). • Kosher, gluten-free, suitable for lactose intolerance. PRECAUTIONS • Not for IV use. • Not for people with galactosemia.